Move Your Insurance Career Forward


USAmeriCare is unique as unique can be.  Unique in providing "Direct Carrier Contracting," and multi-carrier opportunities.  USAmeriCare offers a unique lead "creation, and validation" program for its agents. 

Our production bonuses create incentives to write quality business.  And, with our product portfolio, your success is guaranteed.  But, only if you have the will to work!  We provide a unique opportunity to create and grow your business. We provide the support needed to take your business, and your life, to the next level. 

We are excited about the opportunities and great things, "We can do together!"

We would love an opportunity to discuss our program, and the growth opportunites provided you as an independent agent.  Give us a chance to grow with you...

What we offer; seriously!

  • A Superior, Recurring Production Bonus!
  • An industry Unique, lead program 
  • A Unique, 24 touch lead nurturing campaing of emails and SMS messaging
  • Purchase leads from 8 qualified sources; Life, Final Expense and Medicare leads
  • Leads are validated for accurate phone number and email address
  • Leads direct to our agents CRM
  • Digital leads - generated through social media and other web-based platforms, direct response mailers, media leads, seminars and more...
  • Agent specific lead management platform; a CRM to create and send multi-carrier proposals, record client communications, eApplications and Online Enrollment of certain products
  • Unlimited access to your lead pool 
  • 87+ carriers providing quality produce options for you, and your clients
  • Online carrier contracting
  • Online Seminars and Workshops
  • Agent "Branded" marketing materials
  • Set your schedule to work around your life, to enjoy quality family time

If you would like to work, and grow in a welcoming enviroment, let's at least have a conversation.  It cost absolutely nothing to know more...